Path for Successful Leadership

Path for Successful Leadership

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Regarding the general trends of enterprise security, going forward I see security as a must as it is the single most critical element in everything we do. We saw a huge movement into the cloud and security has to be prioritized to secure all aspects of the cloud from infrastructure, stored items to programs running in the cloud.

If you cannot articulate your vision, you cannot recruit or generate financial opportunities.

When looking at companies both pre and post investment I look at from a holistic point the ability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity.

I look for a team I believe in. A market that is over a billion. I am not concerned about the company being a unicorn but that the market is fruitful market and growing. I look for some customer traction, and a viable product or service.

When making an investment decision, a combination of things that go into the decision process include: team, experience, product, market fit, perceived ability to execute the idea/ product.

The team is the most important thing to me. The idea may change; the financial or business model may change but if I believe in the people, that really impacts the decision.

Visionaries that comprehend the difference between a fad and a game changer. If the team is focused on results, they will pivot as needed to achieve deliverables.

I look for founders with engineering backgrounds because they can start companies faster and more efficiently. But, founders with liberal arts — with its intense emphasis on lateral thinking — helps develop founders who are nimble and resourceful in making the most of their opportunities.

I look for founders or CEO’s who can keep money in the bank, recruit amazing talent and articulate the vision.

You cannot have one. You need all three. If you cannot articulate your vision, you cannot recruit or generate financial opportunities. If you cannot keep money in the bank then you have not recruited the right team or articulated the right vision.

I appreciate talent. I have no ego. I am strategic with a focus on details. I know how to prioritize, maintain discipline, and I am able to plan and organize in zen or chaotic environments. Without people problems you have no problems and you can solve everything and that’s what I am really good at getting rid of all the problems and helping focus on executing, driving or pivoting the vision. By succeeding, you end up creating jobs and that’s what makes what I do so gratifying and special— the joy in people’s faces.

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