Business Coaching

What is business coaching and does my business need to be coached?

This is a fair question that you might be asking yourself. It might be a question you’re considering when you can’t see a clear path forward. If you’re stagnant, that can often mean you’re minutes away from sinking. Without a clear set of priorities, a business’s direction can change in a matter of days or weeks.

Business Coaching for the Professionally Overwhelmed

If you have your hands in everything like most business owners, do, that likely means you’re overwhelmed. When was the last time you took a vacation? Can your business even handle you taking a vacation? If you’re constantly swamped, it’s going to be exponentially harder to successfully lead a business and create a culture of success and growth.

The truth is, business coaching is an incredibly useful tool which can be used to address where a business is situated at the moment. From there, a good business coach will help you take your business to the next level, ultimately ending up where the business owner would like to be.

All a business coach does is assist and guide said business owner to better reach that vision. Together, a business coach and business owner work to grow the client’s business ethically and organically, helping them zero in on what works while cutting out waste and distraction.

Conscious Business Coaching by Mark Hamade

Mark Hamade is a Conscious Capitalist, investing time in People, our Planet and facilitating Profitable enterprise. Not only do organizations have the ability to uphold these “3 Ps” equally, but they also have a responsibility to uphold them.

Mark Hamade is an accomplished, visionary senior executive with over 20 years of experience in:

  • Helping businesses drive revenue growth
  • Assembling effective world-class teams
  • Establishing and enforcing cultures of excellence
  • Strengthening a business’s operational effectiveness
  • Increasing profitability at every turn

Why Do I Need Business Coaching?

An outside perspective can be a powerful thing when it comes from the right source. A great business coach will be there to keep you focused on the task at hand with the end goal in mind at all times. The business coach is here to remind you why today is important, providing you with the necessary motivation to make and keep quality commitments.

Sometimes you need a sounding board to bounce your ideas off of so they can then become great ideas. We’ll work together, highlighting your business’s blind spots and any personal blind spots which can be overcome to optimize you and your business’s potential.

If you’re ready to get started, drop me a line today. A successful business coach just might be the edge and the change you need to start reaching all of your goals.

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