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An 18 year-old private firm with a mission to be world-class at creating economic and social value. We are committed to a set of core principals and values, including meaningful relationships, absolute integrity, the disciplined application of creativity, and being the best place for the best people to do their best work.
Ideal transaction size is $15 – $100mn, but there are no hard & fast lines. The risk/return profile of a given opportunity dictates how vigorously we pursue it, large or small. We invest in four basic areas, 1. healthcare 2. medical 3. life sciences 4. technology; leveraged buy-outs and real estate.
We target niche businesses that are privately owned, revenue proven, and operate in a fragmented industry. They also have limited seasonality, strong management, diverse customers, and can benefit from additional capital.


Advisory Board Member

Alchemus Capital, founded by Pilar Stella and Bethany LaFlam, is a woman-lead investment fund committed to creating jobs, mitigating risk and enhancing returns by leveraging EB-5 Capital with non EB-5 capital. Alchemus Capital invests in commercial mixed-use real property and growth stage companies that support the greater ecosystem of the global community. Alchemus Capital has developed a model to enhance the venture capital model, while aligning the integrity of the EB-5 program with the original intention of the program to create jobs and promote cross border trade, commerce, investment and entrepreneurship.