Corporate Coaching

eBay, Pfizer, Charles Schwab & Co. — these are just a few high-powered names that utilize corporate coaching. For decades, CEOs of some of the most recognizable businesses and the most successful and largest companies have relied on executive and corporate coaches.

Even your favorite athletes — figures like Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and more — get to the next level by enlisting a coach who has a bigger picture in mind for them.

It is estimated that between 25% 40% of Fortune 500 companies use corporate coaches. This might be a surprisingly high figure, but that’s the extent to which companies are investing in corporate and lifestyle coaching. Still, corporate coaching remains one of the best-kept secrets around. It’s a great way to give you and your employees an edge over the ever-advancing competition.

Conscious Corporate Coaching

It’s not enough that you and your business is out there achieving. What are you giving back to the community? Mark Hamade specializes in conscious capitalism, where once abundance is achieved, it’s an opportunity to give back to the community.

He’s been involved extensively with Face Forward, an organization whose mission is to provide Pro Bono reconstructive surgery to women, children and men — those who have fallen victim to cruel acts or domestic violence.

Mark is also heavily involved in mentorship, particularly the CalTech FLoW 2.0 program, a program which empowers student entrepreneurs to develop and complete projects that exemplify conscious capitalism. These diverse projects aim to make a positive contribution to the environment in addition to being potentially profitable.

How a Corporate Coach Can Benefit You

You might need a corporate coach to guide you through both the usual and the unforeseen challenges that all entrepreneurs face as they move forward growing their businesses.

Mark has worked with women and men of established and startup businesses, advising them when it comes to risks unique to specific enterprises. Mark coaches teams effectively through business model development, business planning, and effective presentation preparation. He’s there to provide continuous feedback on all aspects of the business, aiming to make you and your organization function in an optimized fashion.

It’s time to make new connections when it comes to your team and your business. An experienced corporate coach like Mark Hamade might be the difference between perpetual stagnation and lasting growth.

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