Team Management Style

Getting the best out of yourself and getting the best out of a team are two different things, and, unfortunately, require two distinctly separate skill sets.

Team Management and How it Relates to Your Business

One of the hardest things to do is illustrate what you do on a day-to-day basis to someone else. You know your business better than anyone else because you work with it every day, and you have your hands in a little bit of everything. But it can be maddening to watch a beginner struggle through the motions and repetitions, which is what it takes to become good at one’s job.

Now imagine having to explain the intricacies of what you do that to an entire group of women and men, all with different personalities, triggers, special needs, distinct spiritual fingerprints and physical abilities and limitations.

You don’t simply want everyone on your team to be good at their jobs. You want them to be great at their jobs. This is a situation where hiring a team management style coach can benefit you.

Team Management with Style by Mark Hamade

Team management styles have to do with the traditional ways we make decisions and how we relate to the people who work for us. In short, it’s how we inspire our employees to optimize their energy and productivity. Is the answer to be more autocratic or permissive when it comes to your management style? Is it best to be democratic, direct, affiliative, participative, or more coach-forward instead?

We’ll find out quickly whether your team thrives on heavy direction or when given the freedom to do what they do well. Hiring a team management style coach might be the difference between success and stagnation for your business.

A Little More About Mark

Mark has a positive, dynamic speaking style, so much so that he has become a sought-after host, radio guest, and national speaker. He’s also an avid blogger, often cited in journals of note, magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals. He’s also built a 100K+ Twitter following from the ground up (twitter@markhamade). He’s worked with female-driven and minority-driven businesses and knows what it takes to survive and thrive in the field of competition.

Your Team Management Style Consultation

Act now while it’s still a decision. Let’s get proactive and hone in on what really makes your team effective, driving functionality, prosperity, and abundance for your business.

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