Mark Hamade: Ethics, Values and Knowbella Tech

Mark Hamade: Ethics, Values and Knowbella Tech

About Mark Hamade

I am a venture investor, public speaker and a conscious capitalist, which means I passionately respect people, the planet, and profitable enterprises. All three have to go together. As a human being I believe it’s important for us to treat each other well and try our best to lead a good life.

Having had seven surgeries, battled cancer, gained of over 200 lbs and being confined to a wheelchair, I am passionate about health, technology and science. My experiences have allowed me a better sense of perspective about what is truly important. The work I do at is about helping others to be their best, because when we are at our best we do the most good.

When the opportunity first came to work with Knowbella Tech it was important to me that their work aligned with my own values and ethics.

This has to come from the top and I believe in the founder, Jason. He has his heart in the right place. He is a veteran. He has done it before and this is second nature to him. The most successful businesses I have worked with have one thing in common — excellent leadership.

He will keep money in the bank, recruit amazing talent and articulate the vision. I say this because these three things are co-dependent. You cannot have just one. You have to have all three and each one requires the other two to exist. Jason is a visionary who understands the difference between a trend, and a game-changer. Jason, along with CEO Mark Pohlkamp, can pivot to achieve success.

Knowbella’s mission is to make researchers lives better by providing open access to intellectual property, tools, and services to advance science and improve the world. Again, this aligns with my beliefs and I believe this is currently missing in other efforts.

We need to contribute to the global science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) research community by opening and democratizing access to science in order to maximize social good, generate economic incentives, and improve our world.

Knowbella will help scientists around the world find previously hidden knowledge, connect with others to grow that knowledge, disseminate their findings more quickly, and reward them for their contributions to the scientific community.

Knowbella’s Platform will help researchers take control and advance their careers through a strong community with a framework for innovation and earning Helix tokens along the way. If that is not exciting I do not know what is.

This effort will leave a positive imprint and it will not only be scalable, but lasting. It is time we support those scientists in the trenches that are working hard to improve our lives — so let us improve their lives by supporting them and the innovation they are discovering.

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